Saturday, 10 April 2010

Traditional Poole Pottery Pattern Variations

One thing I really love about these mid and large size vases (these are still only 7 inchs tall) are the different borders you get at the top, or bottom.  They're like a extra bonus and on the vases above they're also the most immediate sign that the patterns have differences.   

Truda Carter designed a number of variations to this pattern.  The middle vase (TS pattern) is already on my web site, together with other variants EE, ED,and ZY here.  The two vases either side are new, since the last update of that page.  On the right is XA pattern painted by Vera Bridle, and the left YO painted by Marjorie Batt.  They all date from the early 1930's  

I don't know how many more variations there are out there, but I wont be too upset at finding an excuse to buy another one of these.

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