Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Trouble with Bowls

Of course I had to bid for this beautiful CN pattern bowl when I saw it on eBay last year.  It was painted by Ethel Barrett in the mid 1920's, with really quite broad loose brush stokes, that belie the overall symmetry.  What's not to love?  Apart from it being a large 10 inch diameter bowl (shape 632) that makes it so hard to find space to display.
The struggle to find space has featured large for me this week.  I've had a few days off work, and have spent most of them decorating the spare room/pottery central and setting up some new display cabinets.  I will still be at it over the bank holiday, but sadly now realise that no matter how much extra shelf space, there will never be quite enough.  And probably not for this lovely bowl.
It least the pots on display are looking well curated, and I hope to share photos on here once done.



  1. I have this bowl (632) in X pattern, painted by Gertie Warren. It has pride of place on my dresser, full of fruit.

    1. I can imagine that your bowl looks stunning. The x pattern is really nice and it sounds like you have given the bowl a generous space where it can shine. It's great you have a practical used for it also.


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