Saturday, 18 April 2015

Half Pint

Half the size, but the same shape as Blue Bird jug in the previous post, it was a happy coincidence finding this LT pattern jug on eBay.  Painted by Phyllis Ryall who worked at Poole from 1928 to '37 it was made in the early 1930's.  It has an impressed hexagonal trial mark (as so many pots seem to) and a inscribed shape number 320.
A lot of the Poole shapes come in 3 or 4 graduated sizes and getting the same shape in different sizes (ideally with the same or a related pattern) is a nice, if a little nerdish, way to build a collection.  I have a cream jug with the same overall proportions shape number 326 and there could be one mid-sized between that and this LT jug.

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