Sunday, 15 September 2013

Long Lost Relative

I won this vase on eBay a few months ago, then squirreled it away safely behind glass, then forgot all about posting it on here.  It seems a waste hiding them away - which is partly why I keep posting photos on the blog - and this one really is worth sharing.  The pattern is LV, painted by Rene Hayes in the early 1930's, and  the vase has a fabulous Deco shape (no. 576), but most of all it makes a fantastic companion for the smaller (shape 510)  and more common LT pattern vase below.


  1. Hey Rob, I know this is an older post, but guess what? I bought a piece of Poole today in a charity shop! Been trying to find out the date and painter (it's marked) but failed, but it is a little like these, although the floral pattern is smaller/sparser. But the dots around the rim are similar. I'll learn about Poole yet! xxxx

    1. Hi Curtise, I hope I've had an influence. It's my not so secret plan to get then whole world started on the slippery slope of Poole collecting. It sounds like you have made a good find.


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