Thursday, 5 September 2013

It Beats... as it Sweeps... as it Cleans

It may be a very tenuous connection to this blog.....But the little point-and- shoot Olympus VR-310, used for most of the images here and on the website, recently got a load of dust inside (somewhere between the lens and the bit that stands in for film) that began messing up all of my photos. The dust came from my pocket no doubt, as it's also the camera I carry around on holidays, but despite Google searches there seemed to be no way of cleaning it.  Until I had the bright idea of sticking the Dyson over the end of the lens and voila! Totally clean and so far still working.  Obviously, I'm not advising anyone else try this, as I'm sure the vac could suck out all kinds of vital gubbins, and I don't want to be held responsible for you breaking your expensive camera, but it worked for me and I just had to share it.
Anyway the butter dish above, sans dust, is in the CG or "Oakleaf" pattern from about 1930.

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