Sunday, 17 July 2011

"New Stoneware" milk jug and sugar bowl

These two are part of a coffee set designed by Guy Sydenham at Poole Pottery in 1967.  Each piece was hand-thrown and carved by Alan White and Angela Wyburgh.  The colour above is "Serpentine", and they also came in a colour called "Pampas".  


  1. I worked at Poole during that period and although the coffee pots were hand-thrown by Alan, the rest of the set was made on the jigger and jolley - by me! I also carved the grooves in the sides and stuck the handles on.
    I'd be interested if you had any more photos.
    Chris O'Donoghue

    1. Hi Chris, Thank you so much for replying and correcting my post. I guess there were so many talented people working at Poole, the reference books never recognise everyone. I'll get some photos sorted out to email you in the next few days. Hope you don't mind me throwing in a few questions of my own too. Best wishes, Rob


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