Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Little Chain of Discovery - Early Carter Stabler Adams Bowl 223 CV

There's a great collection of early Poole Pottery and Phoebe Stabler figures at Abwerystwyth University.  One of the pots they have is a lidded round box with an unusual peacock finial, painted in a naive and very sweet CV pattern.   
I had a look again at this pot and others in the Abwerystwyth collection a couple of weeks ago.  Then I noticed that an identical lidded box appears in a photo from October 1921 of a display of Poole Pottery at Regent House in London, reproduced on page 37 of the Hayward and Atterbury Poole Pottery book.  1921 was the year that the Carter Stabler and Adams company was established, and these pots were their early productions.  
The CV pattern lidded box is in the front of the photo on the far left and on the right is a CV pattern bowl.  Of course, the bowl I also recognised, because an identical one had been listed on eBay the same week and I'm now the proud new owner.  It's 4 inches in diameter and painted by Ethel Barrett in 1922 (so I can't claim it's the same bowl, but it would be a shame to let a minor detail spoil a good story).

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