Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ship Plate

This is likely to be the only golf trophy I'll ever own, which isn't so surprising, given that I've never played the game and find the thought of it very boring.  But if I had won this trophy, and the words changed to "best allotment 2011, Sheffield Allotment Society" (just as unlikely to happen), I'd have been very proud of it, as I'm sure the original owner was.  
There was larger Beckford Bowl winner's plate on sale on eBay this week also, though I didn't bid on that as clearly I don't deserve to own it.  Anyway, I liked this because its hand painted and in the manner of the earlier Poole Ship plates, but a fraction of the cost.  It's signed by Sue Pottinger, and dates from 1986!


  1. I really like the script work on this its got a really flowing feeling to it especially on the serif ends of the letters. lovely.

  2. Nice plate, if that's for the runner up, I wonder what the winner got? Nice site, Rob. Ive just pasted a link into a recent Poole Pottery post on Potshots. Hope that's OK by you.

  3. Hi littlewrenpottery and Potshots, thanks for both of your comments. Poole used a similar script on lots of their traditional items dating back to the 1930's - I've always loved the look of it too. Thanks for the link too Potshots, you both have really interesting looking blogs and websites - I'm looking forward to browsing.


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