Saturday, 9 April 2011

Poole Delphis No.34 Vase Signed CK

I sold this vase on Ebay last week.  It's one of the first vases I brought about 6 years ago.  I remember been really pleased with  it and it stayed on display since then (never in storage) but also never made it onto my website for some reason.  So even though its no longer with me, I thought I should give it one last outing on here.  The shape number is 34, I think will date to the early 1970's, it's hand thrown, about 5 inches tall and signed with CK.  This CK mark crops up quite a bit on Delphis, but as yet there's not a name identified to go with it, so any ideas would be welcome.

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  1. Hi,

    From my own research the signature is that of Carol Kellett (nee) Cutler, she was very active between 1975 and 1976,

    Hope this helps,



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