Friday, 13 July 2012

BX Bug-Eyes Pattern

There are lots of reasons why this vase will not be living under the bed.  For one thing, since it arrived in the post today, fresh from eBay, it will need to stand for quite a while, in a prime spot, on the mantelpiece, so I can keep on admiring it.   For another, at close to 10 inches tall, I don't think it would fit under the bed. And then even if it did fit,  imagine how frightening it would be having those bug eyes staring out at you.  
I love this Truda Carter BX pattern, also referred to as "Bug Eyes".   It has a great balance of colours, that are crammed into the whole vase surface.  It has a simple, but maybe one of the most effective top borders, and the main pattern is absolutely bristling with movement.  This is high Art Deco painted by Ruth Paveley in the early 1930's.


  1. Rob I love your posts! You're a great writer and your Poole collection is spectacular.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement


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