Friday, 30 March 2012

A bit unseasonable

Like the weather my buying has run into a bit of a dry spell during March.  Maybe I've finally managed to use more discernment and just buy pots that really get me excited, but luckily there are still plenty out there that can do that.  Anyway, I have a few photos that have been hanging around at the bottom of the barrel for a while now waiting to be posted.  This tea plate is painted in the "Falling Leaves" pattern designed by Ruth Paveley in the 1950's.  The Plate shape was designed by Alfred Read at about the same time.  And  while it's not made it to the top of my collection, it's nicer than most tea plates and still seems far too nice to scratch with cutlery.


  1. That's a nice one, Rob. The colours are great.

    1. They're the same glazes that were used on the freeform vases during the same period. The white was called "Alpine white" and the leaves "Bracken" "Smoke" and "Tropic Turquoise"


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