Friday, 30 September 2011

V and LT shape no 117

I won these little (9cm tall) vases on eBay at the start of the summer.  I've got another couple of patterns in the same shape too.  It's a nice collectable shape, because it's small and easy to display lots of them together.  But there's a dilemma: Do I collect more pots in this shape - as many different patterns in the same shape as I can? or are there other shapes I'd prefer? It's all very confusing!  And I'm worried that the only answer is to collect them all, every pattern in every shape that I can find!  
It maybe that lots of things that people collect have the same bewildering range of variations.  These "Traditional" Poole vases were only made over a 10 year period, or there abouts, between 1924 and '34, in a small factory employing about 4 throwers and 20 or so painters, and 70 years on, after 5 years of collecting, I'm still seeing shapes and patterns that I've never seen before.  I rarely see the same pot (shape/pattern combination) twice and I'm sure there must be so many that I'll never see.

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