Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lincoln on Tuesday

I went to the Lincoln Antiques Fair on Tuesday. With an early start (in fact I overslept, but still got there for 9 am) and armed with fair amount of cash, I came away without a single piece of Poole.  There were a few Poole pots there, but nothing really that made me want to buy them, and as I wondered about I started to worry that I'd begun to lose interest in collecting!
Today I still find that thought a bit worrying. Lincoln is a massive fair.  There might have been a few hundred thousand objects to see, so it's hard to believe I came away with nothing.  I was there on day two, so I guess some of the best buys might have been snapped up already and I perhaps I'm a bit spoilt by eBay (were again this week there are over 100, 000 listings under the Pottery subheading alone).  Perhaps too, finally, I'm starting to be a bit more selective in what I collect.
Anyway, I did buy one pot, just not a Poole pot, but a Royal Copenhagen BACA dish, showing a pattern of birds and fish designed by Johanne Gerber in the 1970's.  If I'm not careful it could start a whole new area of collecting because it looks so stylish.  I'd post a photo of it now, but to add to my sense of unease my camera broke yesterday too, so that will have to wait.
Instead, I've posted a photo of a Delphis vase I found the last time I went to Lincoln.  This is a less common shape (no. 35), only made for one year, its 10cm tall and was painted by Andree Fontana in 1975.


  1. Chin up, Rob. You get days like that. I get whole weeks when nothing exciting turns up. But you've got to keep at it. You'll see. You'll be casually glancing in the next charity shop window and sitting there will be a Guy Sydenham Atlantis Helmet Lamp and whoo hooo, all will be well with the world again. Well, we can hope, can't we?. And that's why we keep at it.

  2. Thank you for the words of encouragement Potshots -Your an inspiration. Actually, at Lincoln there were several bits of Hornsea Pottery I was eyeing up and I'm sure your blog also had an influence on me getting the Royal Copenhagen dish.


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