Wednesday, 30 March 2011

HH Pattern Cream Jug - Vera Bridle 1923-33

There's an element of luck with eBay, like all auctions. Of course the price you pay will depend on who else bids, but also (when you've only seen a photo of something) sometimes you don't know how lovely it is until you hold it in your hands.   
This jug has real character. It's a simple enough pattern, but even so has several glaze skips, finger prints, little splashes of colour in the wrong place, the yellow areas on one side are darker than the other, due (I think) to it's placement in the kiln and uneven firing, and it's all as good as it was the day it was made.  There must have been times at Poole when the potters aimed for perfection, and it's so nice when they didn't achieve it.

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